OK, so I thought about having two different blogs: one for my fandoms and other random stuff and one for the more triggering things I might post (such as things to do with eating disorders). However, I wanted this tumblr to reflect me and it can't do that by only containing some of these things. All of these things reflect who I am. A person is everything. Not just the good and not just the bad, or the whimsical and the serious, funny and sad. I am all these things and I want my followers to see that. I understand however if some people will unfollow me or choose not to follow me because they are uncomfortable with some of the things I post or find them triggering.

WARNING: this tumblr will contain triggers related to eating disorders, depression, self-harm and possibly other things. I also will not give out tips on how to lose weight or 'get an eating disorder'. Trust me, if an eating disorder is something you want then you really don't understand what an eating disorder is.

This might just be the most inspiring thing I have ever seen

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"If you have been touched by the demon, it’s like being touched by the back hand of God. Makes you sacred in a way, doesn’t it? Makes you unique, with a kind of glory. The glory of suffering, even.

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day 3 - favorite flashback
This memory is so important. It’s such a touchy moment. It was the perfect beginning of an episode dedicated to their relationship.

Klaus was already taking care of her when they were little kids. It’s so clear that “Nik” was her favourite brother. The one who made her laugh and gave her gifs. Everyone calls him “Klaus” or “Niklaus”, but Rebekah is the only one who uses “Nik”.

I guess she has always felt safe around him because he would never let something happen to her. That memory is definitely precious to both of them.

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i dont care how the fight between Justin Beiber and Orlando Blood really went… this is how im going to remember it.



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Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)

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- me:
forgets i'm wearing eyeliner
- me:
rubs eyelid
- me:
who the hell is bucky

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favorite character meme | four relationships → Simon Tam & Inara Serra

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Klebekah Appreciation Week - Day Four → Favorite Partners-in-Crime Moment

↳ TO 1x11 - “Apres Moi, Le Déluge”

I love this moment because it’s one of the only (perhaps the only) times when Klaus actually gives Rebekah some credit. She was instrumental in getting Davina to the cemetery to make the sacrifice to complete the Harvest. On top of that, Rebekah is the champion of downtrodden women. She hates to see women oppressed in any way, so it was borderline out-of-character for her to allow Davina to be part of the ritual, much less participate in sacrificing the girl. But she understood the importance of completing the ritual, and she worked to make it happen, and Klaus recognized that. He knows how she is and knows how hard it was for her to do what she did in this episode. I love the way he says what he says too: “Sometimes I think I don’t give you your due, little sister.” It’s not ‘sometime’s I underestimate you’ which would mean he doesn’t know what to expect from her. Instead it’s much better; it’s Klaus acknowledging that he knows Rebekah very well and knows the struggle she went through in this time (and others), and she doesn’t receive the respect she deserves. I just love that he doesn’t only point out his respect for her here, but it’s his subtle nod to the fact that he’s emotionally and psychologically unable to show her the respect and love that he has for her, and he’s silently apologizing to her for that. The look on her face after he says it makes it clear that she understands that without him having to put it into words.  I love to see them working like a team like that and reading what the other means to say without having to hear the words explicitly.

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Stephen Colbert reports on the latest international skirmish. Click here to watch.

I crashed chrome from trying to reblog this so fast. 

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i’m walking up to you so slowly
it’s about time, it’s about time to fly away, but wait
i swear it’s different ‘cause i’m lonely
fold your wings, you’ll need them more one day

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day 6 - most underrated moment
Of course the scene in which Klaus gives his daughter to Rebekah isn’t underrated at all - everyone sees the beauty of it. It’s such a delicate and poetic moment.

What I think we don’t talk enough about is how Rebekah’s words touched Klaus. I think her monologue before leaving New Orleans really got him. They live without hope and both of them want to live with it again.

"Hope" is also a belief that Rebekah’s has. She still believes that her brother is still in there under the monster’s façade. And that’s the baby that will change things.

It’s not a case that Klaus named her daughter Hope, not after Rebekah’s words. It’s such a meaningful choice of a name.

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 Auntie Bex telling to baby Hope the story of her family.

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